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Oct 18, 2018

Week 7 in the NFL has its share of great betting opportunities and as usual the fellas from Guys & Bets have done their homework on each of the 14 games this week. Broncos at Cardinals (11:59), Titans vs Chargers (14:45), Patriots at Bears (16:40), Browns at Bucs (20:15), Panthers at Eagles (25:35), Vikings at Jets (28:28), Lions at Dolphins (32:33), Bills at Colts (36:49), Texans at Jags (40:20), Saints at Ravens (42:29), Cowboys at Redskins (44:01), Rams at 49ers (46:22), Bengals at Chiefs (49:30), Giants at Falcons (51:47). BONUS Jonny caps Minnesota vs Nebraska (3:50) and NC State VS Clemson (8:42).