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Sep 27, 2018

This week the fellas open the show to talk about how some changes at QB in both College Football and NFL will affect your handicapping . As always Jonny and Andrew have some great plays for all 15 Week 4 NFL games, and though their picks and predictions may differ at times they’ll give you some stellar spots to boost that bankroll. Vikings at Rams (6:56), Eagles at Titans (9:03), Bills at Packers (11:57), Lions at Cowboys (14:27), Bucs at Bears (17:11), Jets at Jags (19:48), Dolphins at Pats (23:24), Texans at Colts (27:13), Bengals at Falcons (29:07), Seahawks at Cardinals (31:26), Browns at Raiders (32:36), 49ers at Chargers (34:30), Saints at Giants (35:28), Ravens at Steelers (36:34), Chiefs at Broncos (38:23)