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Nov 28, 2018

Somehow, it's Week 13 of the NFL season and conference championship week in college football. Where did the seasons go? In any event, a new week means a new pod and Jonny OddsShark and Andrew Avery are here to cap every game on the board. To get things started, Jonny breaks down some of his favorite CFB conference championship games on the board. As for the NFL, the guys break down Saints-Cowboys (6:50), Cardinals-Packers (10:40), Browns-Texans (13:48), Ravens-Falcons (15:42), Panthers-Buccaneers (17:45), Bears-Giants (19:32), Bills-Dolphins (23:26), Broncos-Bengals (25:43), Rams-Lions (27:57), Colts-Jaguars (29:57), Chiefs-Raiders (32:50), Jets-Titans (35:12), Vikings-Patriots (37:12), 49ers-Seahawks (41:02), Chargers-Steelers (44:50) and Redskins-Eagles (48:37). And on this episode, Jonny OddsShark implements a new picks strategy he hopes becomes fruitful for Week 13 of the NFL season.