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Feb 28, 2019

This week on the show Jonny and Ninja talk about the Chicago Blackhawks over streak (3:03), odds on where Johnny Manziel will land (9:53), NFL Combine odds (17:45), College basketball futures (23:45) and how to bet the upcoming conference tournaments (27:45) NBA futures odds (33:00), and even AAF betting trends (8:53).

Feb 20, 2019

ESPN’s Scott Eden revisited the Tim Donaghy scandal in an article this week, so in this installment of the pod, the fellas discuss their thoughts on the new information and their views on the potential for game fixing in today’s NBA (2:35). Also from the Association, the best and worst team bets of this season...

Feb 14, 2019

The Guys & Bets team knows the emotional ride that accompanies sports betting all too well, so Jonny offers some great tips to help you keep your chin up when the bankroll is down (1:16). When the Lombardi gets raised, the February betting blues can hit us all, so how do you rebound? (20:55). One way is to get your head...